Class Levels ...  (Levels 2 & up separate into Performing Arts and Recreational programs)

Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.
Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement  for beginners.


Ballet 1
Ages 5-9. Basic technique (placement is at the instructors discretion).

Ballet 2  (1st year of Performing Arts/Competitive Program)
Ages 7-10.  Beginner-intermediate.3-4 years prior training. Two classes/week recommended.

Ballet 3
Ages 10-13. Intermediate. 4-5 years prior training. Two classes/week required. 

Ballet 4
Ages 11 and up.  Intermediate with 5-6 years prior training. Emphasis on technique and pointe training. Four classes/week recommended

Tap,  Jazz & Hip-Hop  (Placement is at the instructors discretion)

Ages 6 & up.

Basic entry level to advanced technique (placement is at the instructors discretion)

Recreational dancers will be placed by age.

Performing Arts students will be placed by their Ballet level.

Adult classes available.


Available to Performing Arts Students within their technical classes and rehearsals


Available to Performing Arts students only

Musical Theatre/Stage

Available to Performing Arts dancers level 3 & higher

*All instructors are trained and experienced.  Instructors have the right to place dancers in an appropriate level.

Performing Arts students must take 2 ballet classes weekly.  Dancers participate in  exams, workshops, & extra performances.